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The success of your plan depends on effective communication with employees.

Education and communication is very important to potential participants in making the decision of whether or not to join a global plan.


We will create customized education campaigns that target plan participant concerns and use clear, compelling language to help eligible employees understand the benefits of enrolling in a global plan. A well-crafted participant engagement strategy can positively influence behavior that leads to more successful outcomes, providing benefits for participants and plan sponsors alike.

To ensure effective plan communication we will partner with you to provide a campaign that best suits the company’s needs  utilizing a combination of the following meetings types:

  1. Train-the-Trainer – partner with your HR/Benefits personnel so they can help employees at the local level

  2. Enrollment and Education WebEx presentations – provide online enrollment and education meetings to your global employees which can be recorded for future use

  3. On-site meetings – typically for larger groups of employees, provide in-person meetings accompanied with one-on-one sessions.

  4. One-on-one counseling – provide financial education to your employees

Throughout the course of the year, we will work with you to provide targeted communications to participants.


Contact us today to learn about our innovative participant engagement strategies.

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